site's still under construction! then again i plan on continually developing it as long as i'm around here on the internet, so i guess it won't ever be quite finished. still, it's far from perfect, and my tendency to procrastinate doesn't really help that, does it. whatever the case, the "sketchbook" button now does something finally (links to my insta, which is pretty barren for now until i get a proper scanner). and hopefully it won't be as long a wait before i work on the site again. <3


im wondering if i should restart my online presence from scratch. i'll make a decision eventually, i suppose. if you're reading this from the future, i guess you already know if i chose to or not. its interesting... if you, reader, are seeing this in the future from when i posted this, i wonder what else you know has gone on that hasn't happened yet? have i disappeared off the internet entirely? have i become relevant yet? did i peak and fade into irrelevancy? or did i meet my untimely demise? who knows? you do, i guess, time traveler. <3

p.s. yes i know i still havent finished the website. i'll get to it... eventually!


i've been very silent on the internet lately -- as i usually am around this time of year. just got a lot goin on as per usual, but there's a certain project in progress that'll hopefully be done and released by the start of 2019. its interesting, the year seems to have gone by so fast (then again that's what everyone says every year). its been a mixed bag and quite a lot of change. made a lot of new friends and im starting to really figure out who i am. an interesting ride to say the least, and im hopeful it'll lead to somewhere nice. happy to see that you guys have been enjoying the recent content, both art- and music-wise. ily, and thanks for all the support. <3